Learn How I Turned $600 Monthly into a $60 Million Real Estate Empire

I expose the systems and strategies that took me from $600 per month to a thriving 60 million dollar empire

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Wholesaling & Flipping Program

Accelerate Your Real Estate Success with Mr.Pityn’s. Unlock the secrets to wholesale and flipping in real estate with the following:

  • Weekly Q&A and Masterclass Calls: Get direct access to Mr.Pityn’s in live weekly sessions to be guided by Mr. Pityn.
  • Networking Community: Connect with like-minded investors in our exclusive community to build relationships and share strategies.
  • Step-by-Step Courses: Master wholesaling, house flipping, personal development, and money management through comprehensive, easy-to-follow courses.
Wholesaling & Flipping Program
Dive deeper into the Wholesaling & Flipping Program. Schedule your call now to secure your place and explore how our specialized training can elevate your real estate investments!

Multi-family Mastery Program

Get into Multifamily property investing while proceeding to master it with Mr.Pityn’s Multifamily Mastery program including the following:

  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Multifamily course: Learn the intricacies of Multifamily property investing, from identifying opportunities to executing the B.R.R.R strategy.
  • Private Zoom call: Private Zoom call with Mr.Eliott to strategize on your multi-family deals
  • Everything included in the Wholesaling and Flipping Program: Access to our complete suite of courses covering wholesaling, house flipping, personal development, and money management, including weekly calls
  • Networking Community: Connect with a supportive network of investors, fostering collaborations and knowledge-sharing.
Multi-family Mastery Program
Unlock the secrets to multi-family real estate success! Book your call today to secure your spot and discover how our Multi-Family Mastery Course can transform your investment strategy and maximize your returns!

Portfolio Building Program

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Who is Eliott Pityn

Eliott Pityn is a standout figure in real estate, known for his smart investment strategies and his role as the founder and CEO of The Pityn Organization.

Elliot was born in Haiti and immigrated to Canada as an infant. Coming from nothing he quickly noticed the opportunities he had in front of him living in Canada and could not let it go to waste. He wanted to create true generational wealth and realized that real estate was the only way to do it.

Elliot took action and over the next decade became one of the most prominent figures on social media for Canadian real estate and grew his portfolio to over 60M in evaluation with the Pityn Organization which he founded.

His approach to business is not just about making money; it's also about making a difference. He works to build better housing opportunities and supports projects that enrich communities.

Looking ahead, Eliott is focused on reaching new milestones, targeting a portfolio worth $100 million by 2025 and aspiring to a $1 billion valuation in the long term. His influence also extends to other ventures like Lux-Exotic Rentals and Preic Investments, showcasing his versatile approach to growing businesses.

Now Eliott wants to educate and mentor other aspiring real estate investors to achieve the same success as him in a fraction of the time and inspire others around them.

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